Many historians believe the term Bridal was derived from a contraction of Bride Ale.  Thomas Dudley Fosbroke, Church of England priest and antiquarian, wrote in Encyclopædia of antiquities: and elements of archaeology, classical and mediæval, published in 1825, that “It was called Bride ale … from the bride’s selling ale on the wedding day and friends contributing what they liked in payment.”  This provided a fun way to help the newlyweds get off to a good start with a little bit of cash.  Society worked better when new couples were successful, and everyone got some extra beer. 

We at the Brewhouse think this is a fine custom, and encourage all prospective brides to reconnect with this centuries’ old tradition.  Join our brewing staff in creating your own unique brew to serve at your reception.

The first step is planning the brew.  You will meet with our brewers to create a recipe and name for this beer.  Then we schedule a brew day, at least three weeks before you want to serve it.  On brew day you will spend a fun informative day learning about the brewing process and assisting our staff in creating your special beer.  A couple weeks later your Bride Ale will be ready, and a keg (or more) of the beer will be provided for you to proudly serve at your rehearsal, reception or wedding party. 

Grooms-to-be are welcome to participate in the process as well!

 Prices start at $485.  Contact Pete Johnson at 805-963-2739 for more information 


My husband and I had the most wonderful experience making our own "bridal ale" with Brewmaster, Pete Johnson. The fact that we were able to make our own beer to supply at our wedding was great in itself, but the experience of making the beer ourselves topped the charts! We spent the day in the brew room mixing the hops, stirring the yeast, cleaning the mash, etc. my husband, Matt, is a big hop-head but knowing this beer was made specifically for our wedding made it so much more special.

We learned SO much from Pete! He is a beer chemist- so much knowledge and appreciation for the art of making beer. He listened to us and wanted the beer to be exactly to our liking.

At the night of our wedding, people were pleased to hear that we made the Bridal Ale ourselves at our local favorite, the Brewhouse. Every sip of the Ale reminded us of the fun we had and hard work we put into brewing it! Thank you, Pete, and Brewhouse, for the great memories we will carry with us forever! Kira Garay

Contact Pete Johnson at 805-963-2739 for more information